“Ask the right questions, ideas and solutions will follow.” A quote from the book Brain-steering. For all intent and purposes, I couldn’t steer my mind to lift the pages after chapter 3.

Have been busy doing preparations on another big move of my life. Hopeful and doa for the better.

Have been thinking of moving my interest on devops. A combination of development and operations stuff specifically in ruby on rails stuff. Bridging the gap between software development team and infra. Would be a great investment for web specialty.

Lion OS X is out. A fellow friend upgraded his mac. I saw it, looks great. But they somehow changed the scrolling part. Should I upgrade? I like to wait a few months. A lot of my work needs migrating if I decide to upgrade. For sure it takes a bit of time to make sure everything is running .

Ramadhan is nearing to end. How is my iman? I must say I feel better spiritually than the last ramadhan. Alhamdulillah.

How is my losing weight effort? As of today since my last weight-in, my weight is 79.6kg. Feel better, feel stronger. Quite happy with myself nowadays. Getting used to people taking notice on my weight. At the office, they called me fadboy slim. Lol.

Had recently been taking an interest in a particular blog, Dr. Pagalavan’s blog http://pagalavan.com/. Reading the current affairs of healthcare and future of young doctors makes me weep and worried about the kind of doctors will soon treat me in the future. Did you know that Malaysia has about 30 medical schools for a population of 28 million? And do you know that’s the highest number of medical schools per population in the world? Truly Malaysia ‘apa pun’ Boleh. Read that in the near future, there will be a housemanship glut that new graduated MBBS scholar will have to fight to get a placement for housemenship training. I bet that our government ‘mesti’ cut corners and make quick ‘genius’ solutions. Just watch for it. I’m sure they’ll come up with something that seem to solve it but will make it worst in the long run. (read: allowing too much private medical school)


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  1. u have no idea how crappy the latest edition of house officers are. sometimes i took over their job sebab tak sampai hati tengok patient kena suffer because of their incompetency. and graduates from Russia are notorious in being extremely incompetent but not all la. some of them are quite good. 🙂

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