Losing weight. My story so far

Started doing the 4HB Slow carbs diet and Building the perfect posterior. It’s from the book ‘The 4 Hour Body’ by Tim Ferris.

Started the program on 7th March 2011. I weight 99kg at that time

Today 12th May 2011, I weight in 87.7kg.

I now exercise regularly 2-3 times a week. Usually not more than 1 hour each session. 10 minutes cardio plus core muscle exercise.

Exercise sets are:

– cycling
– glute activation 20x
– flying dogs 30x
– kettleball swing 19.5kg 50x
– Yates row 31kg 15x
– shoulder leg press 21kg 25x

So that’s the basic set I do. Some other days I also like to add(depending on time and mood)
– pull over 10kg 15x
– calf rise 40x
– air squats 40x
– tricep wall extensions 20x

I have a barbell at home with max 31kg weights and also a custom made t-handle bar a.k.a the hungarian core blaster for the kettleball swing exercise.

I make a habit of taking notes on all exercise performed on how much weight I lifted and how many times so that I have a recorded metrics on my performance.

Diet consist of mainly eggs,beans, legumes(red/black/daal). With grilled or roasted chicken/fish/beef and veggies. Strictly no ‘white carbs’. No rice, no bread at all. But the best thing is I have one cheat day where I can binge eating whatever I want. I learn its important to increase calorie spike once a week in order to increase metabolism.

I don’t take any sugar at all. This include fructose from fruits. I drink lots of water everyday. Lots and lots of it.

So that’s it so far. My target weight according to BMI is from 56-71. So I’m targeting 65kg. Hope that’s not too far fetch. I don’t totally trust BMI as you can also gain muscle mass and lose fat so realistically you have to do an accurate body fat percentage measurement. But I have my concerns on doing any sort of exposing my body to radiation to measure the percentage.

So far I feel more better and happier living a healthier lifestyle and hope I don’t lose motivation and will continue until it becomes second nature to me.

This entry also functions as a motivational and pressure tool for me to keep up what I’m doing and to let all my family and friends know that I’m declaring to lose weight and be healthy.

There you go. Pray for me. Wish me luck. Live long a prosper.


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