It’s Going Be Alright (Trust Me)

We’re now living in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras. Minus the rush hour traffic. This place is not bad. Sometimes certain parts of this town reminds me of home in Shah Alam. It’s a bit busier than SA but thank goodness I live at a rather quiet place. What I like the most about this place is how easy it is to go places. We’re right smack at the middle of everywhere. Shah Alam, Midvalley, KLCC, Times Square, Bkt Bintang, Kajang, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya. We’re almost always halfway from it.

We’re now renting an apartment close to where Ayu’s working. The environment is peaceful where there’s a public garden with a  lake opposite our place. Lovely place to have a walk in mornings or late evenings. Sadly we don’t have the view of the garden from our home because our apartment window is located opposite of where the gardens located. The only view I can see from my window are other peoples apartments and condos. But we count on our blessings. We could see the sunset and the silhouetted skyscraper against the crimson sky. When I step out from my apartment, I could see KLCC at my left. Nothing is subtle living in contemporary urbanity. That tall high building representing a false achievement, a civilization that employs others engineering expertise and claims its own. Pardon my commentary.

And what about my dear son Amir? Well, he has never stop to amaze me each and every day. He started walking since 3 month ago and now he’s picking up words bit by bit. He is 16 month old now. It’s hard for Ayu and I now as we’re both working now. We both took care of Amir alone since he was a newborn in Melbourne. However, syukur alhamdulillah that my sister Sarah lives close by and she helps takes care of  him while we are working. We’re looking for a good nursery but we’re waiting Amir to be a bit older to be enrolled into one. People suggest to look for a maid but I still don’t trust anyone other than my family members. Since we both are working, I make it a point that I will be the one to make breakfast and bath Amir every morning no matter what before I send him to his Aunt Sarah. Quality time together is what counts. I just want to make sure that he doesn’t miss a thing at all. Fatherhood is such a bliss.

Apart from that, work commitments has been doubled since I moved back here. I need to get out of my shell and adapt efficiently to my surroundings and think out ways that we can instill value to others. To inspire, to learn, to lead and continuously improve to stay relevant in our business. Alhamdulillah, I found the right people to build a business together doing something that I love. Constantly keeping our head leveled. Curbing our sense of success and ego. Because we haven’t achieve anything yet. We’re just starting to get the ball rolling. Refining our work process and practice. Getting the right talent and people to join us. We’re close to 20 people with us now. When we hired them, to borrow my CEO’s words, we have committed ourselves to them – that as they will provide for us, so will we provide for them. I guess without realizing, we position ourselves as leaders. And as leaders, we have great responsibility to ensure that we grow as an entity that has strong values and character and gives back as much as we can for others. InsyaAllah.

“Ya Allah bahawasanya waktu duha itu waktu duhamu, kecantikan itu ialah kecantikanmu , keindahan itu keindahanmu, kekuatan itu kekuatanmu, kekuasaan itu kekuasaanmu dan perlindungan itu perlindunganmu.  Ya Allah jika rezekiku masih di atas langit , turunkanlah dan jika ada di dalam bumi, keluarkanlah, jika sukar mudahkanlah, jika haram sucikanlah. Jika masih jauh dekatkanlah. Berkat waktu duha, keagungan, keindahan, kekuatan dan kekuasaanmu, limpahkanlah kepada kami segala yang telah engkau limpahkan kepada hamba-hambamu yang soleh”


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One response to “It’s Going Be Alright (Trust Me)

  1. InsyaAllah… big responsibilities. tapi tu lah jihadnya… besar juga ganjaran. Amiin.

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