Eureka #2 “Out List”

You’re out buying groceries. You’ve bought everything you need except that little thing you reminded yourself to buy when you go out shopping. You’d wrote it down somewhere – ‘A list of things to buy’ when you go out & you totally forgot about it. You were just simply too preoccupied with your weekly groceries routine.

So here’s my idea.

new_iphoneWhat I would like is a handphone application such as in iPhone or Android base phones that utilize the geotagging & GPS feature of their phone and  the typical notification reminder ring tone you have on your unit.

Here’s how it works.

First, the handphone needs to know your home location via geotagging.

Second, it needs to know if there is a list of things you want to buy when you go out.

Third, using the handphone GPS feature, it will know that if you’re not at home, then the application will send a notification of the things you’d put in your list.

Voilà – problem solved!


* I don’t know if there’s anything in the market but would be great if there’s already such thing though.





2 responses to “Eureka #2 “Out List”

  1. Developer could quickly come up with this. All the infrastructure are in place, GPS, To-Do, Push-E-mail or SMS.

    Write an app for iPhone for instance.

  2. Yeah. I bet I’m not the only one who’ve think of this idea. Probably there’s something in the iPhone app store too.

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