Old cars & puspakom

The government recently announce that 15 or more year old cars must be inspected at Puspakom before renewing their road tax starting next year. While I applaud this step to ensure that old and unsafe cars are scrapped from the public road however I can’t say the same for the inspection process.

This is because of Puspakom. It’s the sole agency that operates the inspection.

I remembered the last time I went to Puspakom for an inspection at Padang Jawa. The one besides the JPJ office. There was a very long queue that took hours to go through. This was not a normal queue where people line up to the counter. This was a queue of cars. Right from the entrance of Puspakom to the outer parameters of it’s borders. It was so long that it turn into a L-shaped queue.

The inspection itself didn’t took very long. I could say that it took only about 20 minutes. That’s it. The waiting took all day. People had to take their holiday just to go for an inspection themselves. Though I’ve heard that you could pay somebody for RM200 to do it.

That’s if you could trust leaving somebody else driving your car.


2 responses to “Old cars & puspakom

  1. puspakom was finally indicted kan. case of sole-sourcing by government went bad; horrible process, laden with bribery, and so on.

  2. Oh really. I didn’t know that. When did that happened?

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