Car hunting

It’s not easy to find a car with a really low budget. Once you get pass the car, inspect it, test drive it, you gotta make sure you pass the RWC (Road Worthy Certificate) to register it. If you don’t pass that, you can’t get your car registered. It’s pretty much like JPJ and Puspakom back at home.

For a really low budget car, in Victoria, you gotta find one with already existing registration or like people here say – rego. That’s because to register an unregistered car will set you back between $500-$700  depending on the market value of that car. To transfer your name on the car rego is cheaper.

The RWC is really what makes it come to play. You don’t know for certain what needs to be repaired for the car. It might be as trivial as changing the wipers. But what if it’s something structural? The chassis, rust spots, etc. Suspension, brakes, probably the muffler, cv joint, etc. That’s what I’m worried about. Buying a cheap car only to spend more on it later.

Nevertheless, I’m keeping my hopes up. There’s gotta be some honest lad just trying to get rid of his perfectly running car. There’s just gotta be one.


2 responses to “Car hunting

  1. trust your instincts! i experienced this before… hunting for a second-hand car to get the most value on a reasonable price.

    trace the rubber lines, see if there were knocks, sections with metal patches or something.

    would you be able to get a mechanic that you can trust to help you identify?

  2. Hey Zid, thanks for commenting. After a few weeks trying to get a car within our budget and couldn’t find one, we finally gave up on the idea. The really really cheap cars are ones that I couldn’t trust my life with let alone my instinct!

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