Time flies fast

I know. Infrequent updates. Life goes on. Too much too write too little time to do it

I believe that one day mankind could write a blog with brain waves device attach to it. “Write to blog — I had yadda, yadda yadda.” Then “To twitter — Watched Ben Stiller update his status on FB on Youtube.”

My car has died or can I say dying on me. There’s some kind of leak in the engine where all the water in the radiator that I put in will leak out as soon as I put water in it. Leak in the freakin engine! The mechanic told me this “The engine is shit.” Albeit with the most polite way.

So apparently I’m looking for a new cheap used car. But still contemplating to buy a new one since we’ve decided to go back home once Ayu graduates. Yes, we decided to go back home after my wife medical studies.

We went back home to Malaysia about a month a month ago. Introduced Amir to the whole clan. Life seems so much easier and happier back home. Not to mention all the food that we can eat! Cheap, easy to get. Love food back home. Deeply misses home right now.

Watched Manchester United played while I was in Malaysia. Our  boys put up a good fight. Traffic was really bad afterward. Not to mention the parking to get there. My friend, Ari, went to the stadium bearing a Malaysian flag and wearing the yellow Malaysian jersey. Funny thing was while on the way to the stadium, in a traffic jam, this dude in another car besides us look at us, pull his jersey with the Man U logo at his chest and thumping it proudly to us. In my head I was like, “Dude, relax this is just a friendly vs our Malaysian team. You don’t have to show you’re such a kiss-ass fan.”

Malaysian politics is like a child-like, never-ending back stabbing drama with thrill and anti-climax runned by people that never left high-school with fan boys and girls fanatically joining the herd. No matter where the wind blows, different stories, same shit.

Didn’t went anywhere in particular while I was back home. Just wanted to be really close with the family and friends. It’s just feels good to be home. Going back was like a reset button for us. Put us back into perspective and making us look forward for the last few months we’re here. Making the best of it.

Pearl Jam will play this November at Melbourne. I haven’t got tickets yet. Hopefully when I got the dough, there’s still tickets available.

It’s the first day of Ramadhan. Hope you have a lovely day today and for this whole blessed month.


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