Speed Cams & Parking Sheriffs

I’m pretty paranoid about the speed I’m going at while I’m driving here in Melbourne.The main reason is because those gestapo-like speed cameras they have randomly located around here.

Last year, I got a fine ticket for $220 for driving 75kmh at a 60kmh limit lane. Yes, I got busted by the speed camera. The infringement notice was sent via mail right to my doorstep. There and then I said to myself, “Now I know why people drive so slowly here!”

However, I didn’t pay that fine. I read their website on how to appeal. Turns out if it’s your first-time offence, you can make an appeal for an official warning. So I wrote a letter to the police admitting my offence and told them lots of excuse to save my ass how I didn’t realize there was a speed limit. A few weeks later, a letter arrived asking for a copy of my visa and driving license. I sent them immediately and a few more weeks later, I received my first official warning from the Victoria Police. Pheww – didn’t have to lose a dime.

So you see, that’s why I am so paranoid about speeding limits over here in Melbourne. They have those speeding cameras! Those freaking speeding cams!

2pAnother thing that I totally hate here is the parking space they provide. Some have meters, some don’t. But generally, they all have a parking hour limit. They have these signboards that says 1P which stands for 1 hour parking, 2P = 2hour and so on and so forth. Beware of parking at hotspots usually in the city. Meter maids/Parking sheriffs with cowboy hats(they literally wear cowboy hats) are roaming the streets armed with their pen and their chalks to check for parking offenders.

Why the chalks? Elementary my dear Watson. For parking spots without any meters but limited parking hour, they will mark your tires with their chalk. An hour later, they’ll come back and check again. If you’re over the hour limit, you get fined. Some people over here will come back to their cars and erase the chalk marks. Pretty simple trick to beat the system eh?

And yes, I got a ticket once for parking just over 5 minute more of my parking limit. $57 fine. Just like that. They were waiting for the meter limit to end and went straight to business. No grace period. No nothing, nada, zilch, zip.

So in conclusion, to mention that I really hate speed cams & parking sheriffs is an understatement. I understand the need for them but it doesn’t change the way I feel of them. Yup, pretty sums up the whole entry. I hate them.


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