Amir doesn’t like to sleep on his cot. He prefers to sleep with his mum. He doesn’t want to be put besides his mum but he wants to sleep on top of his mum. Not only that, he wants to go to sleep while feeding at the same time. Dozing off right in the middle of a feed is the best way to get him to sleep.

After Amir is fully fed, he likes me to take him for a walk around the house. Of course, I’ll do the walking while he watches the things around the house. When he’s full he likes to be cuddled. If he is being cuddled by his dad, his such a peaceful little baby. However if he’s being cuddled by his mum after a feed, he’ll be making funny little whiny sounds — creating opportunities for a feed. An opportunist grabbing every chance he gets. He’s smart. He can tell the difference between being cuddled between his mum and dad. No wonder he gains 300gm per week. He’s already 4.014kg in just 2 and a half weeks.

Amir cries every time we’re changing his nappy. I mean really loud shrieking cries as if the sky is falling. I’ve been pissed on and pooped on and its starting to feel all to familiar now. He cries at night too but only because he just wet his nappy or he just feels hungry or he finds himself all alone in the cot. “It’s okay Amir, Abah’s here.” I tell him, consoling him and he just looks at me with his little shining eyes of his. I just assume he understands what I’m saying. He’s such a bundle of joy. Just seeing a glimpse of his smile makes all the tiredness flushed away as if nothing had happen. I swear if I hadn’t know better I think he’d put a spell on us 🙂 .


3 responses to “Musings

  1. you are a true dad! congratulations for the baby! I love to keep updated with your parenting stories. 🙂

  2. Lol, trying to be a good dad. Thanks. Drop by anytime aite 😉

  3. wah, banyaknya dia gain weight within 2 weeks.

    If you have time, you could write more on the experience as a first-time father. Hehe, at least that could be a useful reference for me in the future 😉

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