It’s the first day of ramadhan. I didn’t woke up for sahur. First few days is always the toughest. This will be my first day fasting at Melbourne. I surely miss the Terawih at my local surau back home. I surely miss the pasar ramadhan we have in Malaysia. Miss all the various kuih muih available back home. Talking about kuih muih. The only kuih that I love to eat enormously is kuih karipap. I don’t like those kuih with too many colors on it. I like something simple. Funny, being deprive of food often makes me think of it. Talking about food makes me hungry. I shall not talk about food. I shall not think about food. Lol. The best thing about fasting in Melbourne right now is one – it’s spring (the weather is just nice. not too cold not too hot) and second – Berbuka at 6pm. So Selamat berpuasa everyone!


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