If there was some way to relive a happy memory in your dreams, I would certainly make it a business. It will be an addiction of some sort. A  stroll along your memory lane. You will experience the most bizarre deja vu in your life. So vivid that you believe it’s real. And probably so real that you wouldn’t leave. But if you leave, you will find wanting more. Coming back and live again your glory days. So lively so real it’s a deal you make everyday. I bet you will. I really do.

Again, you’ll be craving for more. Can you separate from what’s real or not once you’ve past your hundredth time of more? Will you able to live you life and not be shackled by your own? For every good deed go unpunished, don’t you believe it will come for you too? Being crippled in your own wits and thoughts. Forever longing for a sense of completeness. A sense of accomplishment how ever uneventful it may be? Of dreams of hope fulfilled in the past but lost it’s shine in life.

But I digress, It’s just a thought and a thought it will always remain. But how blissful it is if it’s true?

I’ll probably be addicted too.


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