Hope in Turmoil

The original sins of Malaysia is accepting a race base political party system. Barisan Nasional is not only UMNO, it is also MCA, MIC and all those party components from Sabah & Sarawak. They allow these UMNO goons to stomp on us.

The way I see it, Hak Bumiputra is just a tool for BN to continue this structured racial discrimination. Hak Bumiputra is not about getting free-hands from the government. It’s not about the amount of money we get. It’s not about the lands that we should own. It’s not about the discount we get. It’s not about getting help entering public universities. It’s not about scholarships. It’s not even about the getting government posted jobs. But today, we see clearly how these are abused clearly by the current government of Malaysia and creating a pool of mediocrity to manage our country resources.

I can not speak for all the Malays but I can surely speak for myself. I can’t accept the fact that I need ‘help’ to survive and compete in the real world. I can manage my own. I don’t need extra hand-outs. I don’t want to even think that I need ‘cables’ to connect me to get work. I have skills and ability and you bet I am damn proud of it.

It is sad and It is not fair for my friends to be treated the way they are just because they are not born the same skin colour as I am. It is sad till this day, we allow these things to happen. That still till this day citizens of Malaysia are not treated as equal. It is really really depressing indeed.

There is something very wrong with our country. We have a government that sees democracy as they see fit. A government that allows detainment of people without trial(ISA). A government that keeps on protecting their own first rather than protecting it’s people. A government which controls provisions of resources and power base on racial lines. A government who is hell bent in controlling the media. All the mainstream papers are bias towards the government. That they can spin any kind of news in favor of the government.

We have a judiciary that is highly questionable where appointments of judges and prosecutions can be fix. We have an AG that can freely be both the complainant and the procecuter. We have policemens that can fabricate evidence and easily bribed and will not hesitate to inflict violence on protestors. Not to mention the fact that they can easily grid-lock the whole city just base on rumours. We also have the IGP and AG under investigation by the ACA and still allowed to remain working. Ones wonder do we have any faith in the public system at all?

This is all very sad and depressing but I urge you to not give up. That we can’t any more allow this to happen. We have to believe in ourselves first that we the people have the power the change this all. We have to believe that each every man, woman and children has the freedom to pursuit life and happiness and are entitled to be treated justly, fairly and according to proper law and principle and these principles afforded to every MALAYSIAN regardlress of race, religion, color and creed.

So people. Believe in yourself and never give up hope.


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