Petrol Woes

From this news, the Malaysian government has increase the petrol price and has finally decided to let the global oil market to dictate the petrol price this coming August. But with a slightly twisted subsidy system.

Excerpts from the news.

Bagaimanapun, Shahrir berkata, kerajaan sedang menimbang untuk melaksanakan dua mekanisme pemberian subsidi iaitu menerusi penetapan kuota dan pendapatan tunai bagi mengurangkan beban rakyat.

“Oleh itu, kerajaan sedang menimbang pelaksanaan dua mekanisme pemberian subsidi, iaitu sama ada menerusi penetapan kuota melalui penggunaan MyKad atau pendapatan tunai,” katanya tanpa menjelaskan secara terperinci mekanisme itu.

I wonder how much it’s going to cost to implement such system? I wonder how are they going to make sure that the right person gets the subsidy? Isn’t it too much overhead to administrate different kinds of subsidy for the same commodity? This sure look like another move that is not thoroughly plan by them.


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