28 days

I have successfully quit smoking for 28 days. It feels great that I finally can put behind those cigs behind me. How did I do it? I quit cold turkey. It was hard but I did it. The first 72 hours quitting was quite tough. It took a lot of determination, a lot of will power to do it. But I just kept in mind that I didn’t want to loose this battle. I consider it a battle for my life. To get hold and control of my life back.

You see when I was addicted to smoking, I couldn’t get by for a day without smoking. Every morning I woke up, I feel an urge to have one. I checked if I had enough smoke for that morning or if I need to get and buy a new pack. Before going to work, I have one cig. Upon arriving at my office, I have one smoke. When I feel stressed out at work, I have one smoke. Even if If I was out of smoke, I went out and quickly buy one. Even in my span of lifetime, the price of a pack of cig has increased tenfold, I still bought it. I still wanted it no matter how expensive it went. This is the power of addiction. You can never underestimate it. I realized how destructive it is. My habits are starting to dictate my life and it had to stop.

The first thing I’ve done is I told everyone around me, my fiancée, my family and my friends. I am a proud man. I have told the whole world that I’m quitting. I can’t back out now right? It’s do it or die. No turning back.

I started on the very first day of Ramadhan 2007. It was 13th September 2007. On a fasting day, we usually go without food and water about approximately 14 hours. This also means no smoking. I figured that it’s the best time of the year to stop. And so my journey began. Like I said before, the first 3 days was hard. I had headaches, cravings to smoke. I remembered that I felt the urge to smoke keeps comings like crashing waves. I had trouble sleeping because I’ve always had one smoke before I go to sleep. But I was positive that I can make it. That I can survive. I kept telling myself that I can do it. That I’ve been in much more worst situation. Ooh, and I have a really massive increase of appetite. After breaking my fast, I ate a lot. But I rather gain a little weight than killing myself and destroying myself with smoke.

I talk a lot about quitting to my fiancee. I told her about the urges I felt. I told her my progress. I told her that I am determine to do it. Being able to talk about it makes it much more bearable. She always gives me her full support. She keeps my spirit up. When she told me that she was proud of me, I was and I am still much more determine to stop and to keep being smoke-free.

So in my little journey of quitting, I’ve found a wonderful website with loads of useful information http://whyquit.com . It gives a lot of insight on why and how to stop. I realized that thousands maybe millions of people are facing this. Are feeling what I’m feeling. Are experiencing what I’ve been through. The thought of it makes me realized that I’m not alone. That people have done it before. And if they can do it there’s no reason that I can’t do it. I know I can do it. I can be smoke-free forever.

Only when you understand your problem you can find a way to solve it. My most concern here is relapse prevention. I’ve found out that after two weeks, nicotine has been flushed out from our body system. The urges that you feel after 2 weeks are psychological. It’s all in my head. So in the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to identify my trigger to smoke. I found out that the biggest urge was after having a meal. After drinking sweet beverages like coke or coffee, etc. Each time I have that urge I just held my breath, waited for that urge to pass. Each time it worked. The friends I hang out with all smoke. Each time I watch them smoke, I felt that urge. But as time progress, I felt the urge are weaker. I can rationalize it. I understand it and I didn’t give in. I let it pass. I know that it’s all in my head. My body doesn’t need it. I am much more stronger that this. Yeah I know that being a second hand smoker is much more worse but I hope that I can also inspire them to stop. So from time to time, I tell them to stop smoke and just hope that they will listen. I know they won’t stop because of me but at least they will be encourage to stop.

To all my smoking friends and if you happen to stumble upon my page, I recommend you to stop. No, I urge you stop. I’m telling you this – You don’t know how much you’re puffing your life away. The feeling after quitting is the greatest feeling of all. I feel healthy, I feel more calm, I feel much more better and the greatest feeling I know is that I am not a slave to cigarettes anymore. And I won’t let it enslave me ever. Not today, not tomorrow and I tend to keep it that way for as long as I live. It’s just one day at a time. Now, each morning I wake up to the thought of not smoking and each night I pat myself on the back telling myself I did it. I congratulate myself to keep on motivating myself. To never give up and to always stay positive. And I know that you can do it. I know that everyone is capable of doing it. It’s not to late. You have the power to quit smoke. You have the power to get your life back. Believe in yourself, get help and be strong. Trust me, the first step is always the hardest but it gets easier as each day goes by. I’ve done it and so can you.


2 responses to “28 days

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  2. ayu

    I’m so proud of you. Finally syg dh berjaya accomplished resolution syg.I’ll support you,all the way no matter what.You always have me sayang, you know that right?;))
    I love you baby..

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