No, not the TV series but my age. Though I don’t feel like it. Maybe it takes time to sink it in.

To my sweet baby, I love you more than anyone & you mean everything to me. I hope that all our plans come true. You make me so happy sayang.

To all my friends, thanks for the birthday wishes.

Have a very good day people.


3 responses to “24

  1. Nobody likes growing old.. neither do i.
    but at least im still believe dat im young at heart hehehe.

    ala im sure u r too.
    abg fadhli its been a while since i last talk to u. uve been commenting on my blog wen i thought dat nobody is reading it. so im paying a visit to ur blog.

    n waa.. banyak nye tulis.

    neway… dont wana bore u. juz wana say dat..i hope u and kak ayu will alwaiz be together. huhu u guys r so sweet n kak ayu is sooo ayu n pretty.

  2. i got a very bad headache n i cant sleep.

    so i need to make a correction..huhu malu.

    i wana say dat i still believe n not im still believe.


  3. Izz

    Happy Birthday Brother, I miss our old moment in KUiTTHO back then, playing CM with Najib and Kyairil…

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