What do you want to do in your life?

Life as a software developer is really demanding. Apart from the sometimes odd hours of work and the pressure, people sometime expect you to do magic. “Eh,can you make this screen like this or that?”,”Can you make these comes out as capital letters?”,”Can you make this part of screen dissappear while the other one stays?”

Sometimes, the system is already running bug-free when some idiot-ass-kisser over-ambitious-guy suddenly remembered that the application should be like something else. Yup, mr.know-it-all wants something else instead. Albeit the change of requirement needing us as the developer to look at the codes again, understand the business logic, assess whether it is feasible, whethere it will have an impact with other applications. the worst case is handling those quick dirty codes. You’ll find much more mess to rectify that even the slightest change will effect the whole data structure.

Hence the need to start all over from scratch causing the delay of the project. Thus causing the manager to lose some hair or gain some sort of hypertension that needs to be hyperventilate and be known by anger and frustations towards their fellow workers. In turn causing low moral and low self-esteem and unproductive quality of work. Then comes the office politics where everyone is pointing fingers at each other. Saving their own sorry ass, neither one accepting any sort of accountibility. No matter how hard I try not to be involve in these pathetic politic-mongers, it seems that in some way I’ll be partly mention in some email reaching the top management level. Making me have to write back and explain all the missing holes in someones else story. The plot thickens and everybody’s trying to find a way out.

Welcome to the real world. Or in my case, the software development world. I was better off doing freelance jobs before. But then again, life is immense, you never know what awaits you in the future. Maybe i’ll hang on a little more and look for other oppurtunities.

“What do you want to do in your life?” my cousin ask me that question. that’s a tough one to nail i tell ya.


2 responses to “What do you want to do in your life?

  1. erm,making outputs comes out as capital letters is peanuts. the problem is when they are indecisive of what they really want. kejap tu kejap ni. memang hampeh!

  2. Izz

    What ever your body and mind believe and conceive it can achieve – Napoleon Hill

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