About a girl

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates. Been way too busy with my work. Anyway, here goes the story of a recent event I’d experienced.

Nothings make you more furious when you’re been misunderstood. This is a story about a friend of mine. I had the chance to be acquainted with her last year and we only became close early this year after her dad passed away. I knew the pain and suffering of someone who lost a father because I lost mine since I was merely 10 years old. Because of that, I believe that it was important for her to have somebody to talk to whenever she needed someone to listen to her especially someone who had been there and experience the same pain of losing a dearly beloved kin. Even to this day, that deep hollowed feeling is still there and I believe will always be there inside of me. Somehow, strangely in our series of conversations I found myself in her. Comforting her as if I hoped someone had comfort me when I was growing up. To tell the truth, I was alone struggling with my own issues of dealing with the death of my father. It was not easy for me and I don’t think it will be easy for anybody facing the same experience.

And now, she currently has a boyfriend and the guy seems to be so jealous of my relationship with her to the point that he gave me some sort of a threat. This threat was a warning for me not to be close to her including insults that I could not tolerate as a man. I believe it was uncalled for, unreasonable and childish. An act of foolishness of someone who makes an open threat intending that I will be intimidated without knowing the person he’s threatening. The most obtuse thing about his action is that he made it through his handphone using sms (short messaging system). To me, it just shows the nature and character of a coward person. If he was dead serious about it, he should’ve at least has the decency of meeting me and telling it straight to my face. Now after this incident, I have no respect for him in any sort of way. The ironic thing of all is I shook hands with this guy believing that we’re all cool and would hang out someday together.

For your information, I only meet this friend of mine once in a while. We don’t go and hang out that much and the only way I communicate with her is through the phone. Somehow, in some peculiar way, this guy feels that I am the largest threat to him. Man, how wrong can someone be?


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