hey, anyone out there?

it’s been a while since i last blog due to some unexpected circumstances. so here’s some updates.

1. my finals are over. done. finish. BUT i’m not off the hook yet because…

2. i have to do a second presentation this coming monday. seems that despite the numerous attacks by the panel regarding my final project they seem to like it. the project was shortlisted for the best final project. i highly doubt it that i’ll be selected for the best among the best. but i’ll sure do the best i can.

3. my ex-girlfriend who i haven’t met for years called me recently. had a chat for what seems like an hour. claimed that she searched for me for years. said this and that and i basically don’t know how to react to this.

4. my birthday’s coming up next week. sad thing is i can’t celebrate it at home due to this freaking presentation. my birthday is just the day after that presentation. my friends at home are bugging me to come back but i got so many things to do. aiyaa…

so there you have it. latest updates of someone insignificant to anyone. i don’t even know if anyone reads this blog. but if you happen to stop by, kudos to you mate!


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