another new beginning, my resolution, my ramblings

it seems that one year has pass so quickly. thinking back the things that i’ve accoplished, i really haven’t done anything significant for myself or others relevant to me. at the moment, i have no idea to write in this first blog of mine. but maybe i could tell something about myself.

here it goes…. my name is fadhli otherwise known as pali. sometimes my friends do call me fali and i seem to like it. what’s in a name right?

currently i’m in my last semestar of my degree in software engineering in a local university in batu pahat. i’m originally from shah alam. from where i’m from, this place (my university) is so much different. i remembered the first time i came here i was in a state of what we call a ‘culture shock’. believe me… if you ever heard of a place called parit raja in batu pahat, you’ll probably understand why. but after a while, i got used to this place but i never ever really liked this place. everything about it is so wayback, so disfunctional and so dissarray. the only thing that keeps me going is because of my studies. i don’t really have a choice actually. either a degree or nothing at all.

and with that in mind, i’ve been here for four damn years. hopefully this will be the last 3 months i’ll be here and leave this place for good. academically wise, i’m doing pretty OK. no drop subjects, no failed subjects – just straight ahead with the program. only three months now till i graduated. and after that, who knows? probably i’ll rest for 2 weeks – hell- make it a 2 months before i find a proper job that suits with my degree. but talking about jobs, IT is not really a demand right now. nobody wants to hire a degree holder to create web sites when even a school boys can do it. “better pay less for more,” thats the current trend right now. but then again, i think i have the neccessary skills to step up to play and be what i want to be. the only real question is – what do i want to do?

i’m pretty decent in playing the guitar. even did some small gigs in my hometown. but i don’t think music is the way to go. in malaysia, you can’t be rich by selling your songs. people’s appreciation of music and the respect for their authors are pretty low here. probably they never heard of intellectual properties. maybe they never thought about how hard and even fustrating it is to make one decent likeable song. talking about song writing, i often found myself to be very limiting since i only can play a guitar. i don’t even have a proper education of music theory and notations. i wonder if i still have the time to learn?

i however can do some programming and graphic desings for templates, presentations, etc. probably i’ll do some freelancing jobs before i land a job. by the way, i’m bounded by contract with JPA. but with the current economy and trends in the industry, i think the chances of me actually obtaining a job within the government agencies are pretty slim.

someting just came up, since this is the first day of 2005 i’m gonna write my resolutions for this year.

first, i want to workout more. exercise regularly and maintain a healty diet. build muscles and burn excess fats in my body. my body mass index is currently 27.3. the optimum BMI is 20-25.

second, i want to practice my guitar skills and techniques so i could be a defined guitarist like my idols – gary moore, jimi hendrix, stevie ray vaughan, steve vai, ngwie malmsteen, vinnie moore and zack wylde. i know it’s gonna take time and effort to this but when there is a will there is way.

third, finish up my degree with a decent CPA score and try to get a job as soon as possible.

that’s it. yeah, you’re probably wondering why it’s only three. well, it’s because if i put more, i’m afraid i couldn’t achieve anything. and i think i gonna stop here now. enough of my ramblings on the first early day of 2005.


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