My little dearest

As I’m writing this, I’m a few hours away to be the witness of the birth of my second child. My little dearest, the due date is suppose to be today on the 22nd of December. But for some reason, you seem to be content at where you are right now in your mother’s tummy. Therefore, the good doctor had scheduled for you to come out tomorrow and meet us. Hello!

I feel nervous. As nervous I felt when I waited for your brother 4 years and 11 months ago. Your mother is a wreck. We’re both scared and excited at the same time. Wishing and hoping that everything’s going to be alright.

My sweet beautiful baby, we waited for quite some time for you. And now we are finally here in our final moments, anxiously waiting for you to come out. Your mother and I dreamt of you. We saw glimpses of you, I have memories of you in my dream that I can not forget. Well, if you had seen me in my dream, you could probably remember it as well.


There you are in my arms, breathing softly. You look heavenly beautiful, you smell wonderfully pleasant. I remember you’re so peaceful sleeping in my arms. I cradle you gently as not to wake you up. Your little fingers touching your own cheek while you’re sleeping. It’s a moment every parent should have. The abundant feeling of love holding your newborn. The paternal instinct kicking in, forming a protective mould as to shield you away from everything but love and affection.


It’s amazing how you still have your 5 senses in your dreams. And the best part of all, this is a dream that will come true.

We learn from the doctor that you’re a girl. Your mother always wanted a girl and now her wish has come true. She will dress you in pink and laces, head decorations, blankets and towels of the flowery kind. You will be dressed, you will be ‘prettified’, you will look cute and cuddly and so many kisses will be given to you. Probably a thousand camera shots will be taken of you. Hmm… maybe much more photos of you and us. Laughing, smiling, posing for the camera, being goofy, being funny, and just having that special moment with you. I’ll be the camera man and the video man. I’m sorry girl, you just have to deal with your annoying parents for a bit. Well, perhaps through out your childhood growing up, teenage years, adulthood. Well perhaps your whole life 🙂

You will be raise full of love and joy. You will be brought up to learn from the ins and outs, the left and right. To read and write. Your A, B, C’s to your 1,2,3’s. But most of all to play, lots and lots of play time with your brother, your cousins, your mother, your father, your uncles and aunts, your grandmother, the whole family. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to everyone. We’ll let everyone in to our own little club. We’ll be having adventures together.

I promise I will take care of you. You’ll always be my girl. You will be loved with all my heart and soul. I’ll always be there for you. Every step along the way, my little girl, my princess, my love and joy.

And when the moment comes when we finally meet, I’ll be holding you close to my heart. Feeling the warmth, you’ll be looking for who’s holding you. And in that moment when our eyes meet, I will tell you that I love you forever.

Looking forward to finally meet you.



Update: 24/12/2013

My little dearest, you were born on 24th December 2013 4.47pm SGT at Singapore General Hospital. I love you forever baby girl.



Hundred years from now

A hundred years from now, our children will look at our history and they will not look at us kindly. They will question why we allowed race base political party to develop. Why did we allow such narrow ideology to nourish itself and had such a cling on power and influence on the way we let them govern us? Why again and again did we allow ourselves be ruled by people no less better than us? Why do we keep on harping on the same old tune, agreeing to the same old propaganda and trusting that the government will be fair and just and swift in eradicating poverty, crime and corruption and enabling abled man to be more than their middle class existence? Why would they keep such a disparity in class between the haves and the haves not? Why would they differentiate on helping base on the color of your skin? How my luck, fortunes and achievements is somewhat tied to the amount of melanin in my skin?

It is not fair no matter how many ways you try to look at it. Aristotle never discuss the table of virtues with a shade of your skin color. Plato never suggested a thought of  forming a republic of different man and woman of color. How is it even ethical to discuss distribution of wealth and your allocation base on the color of your skin? Which group of race you belong to and where did you originally come from? Where do we draw the line when we determine state policy and welfare for the people?

We are seeing the decadence of our nation. Once promised a bright future. Now all it’s glory and wealth plundered and pillaged. Education politicized, minds closed to new ideas and ideology. People living in a cocoon shielded by the outrageous conformity of the mediocre life. Not wanting more, not venturing out enough. Believing themselves somewhat inferior in facing new challenges. An invisible field preventing them from hiking new pathways to a better life.

We are seeing people both loving and hating this nation. Loathing it, longing for it. Returning means back to a hardship of life. Staying means forever yearning for that kind of life you wish you had but couldn’t.

Our life is different. Our challenges aplenty. We need to prepare our children to face the global audience. To be courageous and equip them with whatever we deem necessary to survive and adapt to the brave new world. Ready to take it on with their wit and intellectual prowess as well with a deep sense of empathy towards each other. To understand humanity. To find their own place in the word. To find their own peace with the world.

Suasana Gangnam Raya

We are a crazy bunch. Anak Cucu Tok Haroon. We didn’t really planned it. Everyone impromptu moves. I love my family. Enjoy the vid 🙂

At this time of post it’s already at 43K++ views

Update: We even got mention in Astro Awani Trending segment the day after the video was uploaded ;p

Picture of my brother in Astro Awani

And me 🙂

Update 27th August

View count has reach 316, 565. It was featured in Astro Awani, MHI. facebook & tweeter page and various page. Wow. Just Wow.

Update 24th August 2013


After a year, the same video reach 2.5 million views.

Of Kings and Men

This paragraph stucks with me the most. From Clash of Kings by George R.R Martin

“Power is a curious thing, my lord. Perchance you have considered the riddle I posed you that day in the inn?”
“It has crossed my mind a time or to,” Tyrion admitted. “The king, the priest, the rich man—who lives and who dies? Who will the swordsman obey? It’s a riddle without an answer, or rather, two many answers. All depends on the man with the sword.”
“And yet he is no one,” Varys said. “He has neither crown nor gold nor favor of the gods, only a piece of pointed steel.”
“That piece of steel is the power of life and death.”
“Just so…yet if it is the swordsmen who rule us in truth, who do we pretend our kings hold the power? Why should a strong man with a sword ever obey a child king like Joffrey, or a wine-sodden oaf like his father?”
“Because these child kings and drunken oafs can call other strong men, with other swords.”
“Then these other swordsmen have the true power. Or do they?” Varys smiled. “Some say knowledge is power. Some tell us that all power comes from the gods. Others say it derives from law. Yet that day on the steps of Baelor’s Sept, our godly High Septon and the lawful Queen Regent and your ever-so-knowledgeable servant were as powerless as any cobbler or cooper in the crowd. Who truly killed Eddard Stark, do you think? Joffrey, who gave the command? Ser Ilyn Payne, who swung the sword? Or…another?”
Tyrion cocked his head sideways. “Did you mean to answer your damned riddle, or only to make my head ache worse?”
Varys smiled. “Here, then. Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less.”

Picking up the guitar again

I”d spent 2 hours today practising the solo of Dewa’s Pupus. Such a beautiful solo towards the end of the song.

“Never crush someone’s spirit.” They might just come back to haunt you.


Just a quick note. I enjoyed MIB3. Towards the end, it was quite touching.



After using Stanza app to read ebooks, I discovered the Kobo app for my iPhone. The interesting part about it is the user engagement while using the app to read books. It has gamification elements put into it. You earn badges as you read your books. There’s social interactivity where you can read notes written by other readers of a book. For instance, I’ve just finished reading Franz Kafka The Metamorphosis and the insights from other readers made it a pleasant experience getting through the subtleties and meanings underpin by the author. You have to click on the margins of the ebook if there’s any note available. Another thing that I really like about it is the statistics of your reading habits presented in such a neat way. Here’s a link showing what I meant


Game of Thrones

It all started with the HBO series of Game of Thrones. Even the opening theme song and scene could make you hook to it.

To the uninitiated, the TV series is base on the book series from A Song of Ice & Fire written by George R.R Martin. I’ve been indulging myself with the books of late. What I like most about the series are the characters are never seen in the clear cut villain/hero type. The characters are complex , the story is told with multiple point of view from different characters. Intertwine with each other, creating a world full of different stories, plots and subplots. Everyone scheming against each other. For power, for glory, and some for the sake of honor.


I would rank this trilogy as satisfying as John R.R Tolkien’s trilogy. Yes, it’s that good people.

p/s: Check out my clipboard of the world of Ice & Fire here

Euro 2012

Some sleepless night, some foggy days

What a strange way to be losing sleep.

All for the love of football.


p/s: At the time of writing – Portugal & German are already through to the semi finals.



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