Kisah di bulan Ramadhan

Funny thing happened today.

Ayu was chopping a banana & a kiwi for Amir.

Then she gave me the chopped fruits said, “Nah, tunjuk Amir macam mana nak makan ni pakai tangan.”

So I sat down & mindlessly proceeded to show how it’s done.

In front of Amir, I reached the nicely chopped fruits and put it in my mouth. “Haa, makan macam ni Amir.”

Ayu screamed at me with a upmost suprise. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Looking at me weird.

Then I said, “Kenapa? Betul la cam ni makan.”

Then she replied, “Kan ke sayang tengah puasa?”


Batal ke tak puasa aku hari ni?

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2 responses to “Kisah di bulan Ramadhan

  1. tak batal. tak sengaja. hehe.

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